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Blancpain SA

Blancpain Mondphasenuhr, zum Neubeginn der Marke im Jahre 1983 präsentiert
Das kleine Bauernhaus in Le Brassus, 1983 Firmensitz der Blancpain S.A.
Blancpain 1735

Following in the footsteps of founder Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, an entire dynasty of watchmakers has dedicated its life and passion to the art and mechanics of time. Since 1735, the inventiveness and quest for perfection have seen Blancpain watchmakers incessantly overcome new challenges to produce creations of excellence and ingenuity that have been recorded in the annals of watchmaking history.

Even after almost 250 years of research and development by the company, the Blancpain philosophy remains rooted in the deepest respect for the fine art of watchmaking. As the bearer of a considerable cultural heritage, the world's oldest watchmaking brand produces all of the six great complications, thus offering the entire heritage of this art. Though committed to preserving its heritage and Swiss culture, the company's watchmakers always look to the future. Blancpain offers a new vision of time, reconsidering the very foundations of watchmaking and redrawing the dimensions of its ultra-thin model, whilst at the same time propagating traditional production methods.

A fresh look at the proportions has given the watch a new balance. The design of the dial gives birth to a radical new form and adds a futuristic touch to this classic masterpiece. The size of the Villeret collection, as well as the clarity of its dial, harks back to the classic pocket watches which inspired it. As a perpetual bequeathal of expertise, the Blancpain watch will never die. There wlll always be the hands of man to keep it alive and not least the fans of beautiful mechanical watches to appreciate its quest for perfection and its aesthetic harmony.

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