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Watch Wiki - the free watch encyclopedia in several languages - is an on-line reference about watches. Everyone can contribute with his knowledge about watches, watch brands, movements, watchmakers, watch manufacturers etc. to extend this specialized source. All articles can be worked on directly in the browser. Since March 2006 the 137.483 registered users and many undeclared aids created 31.365 specialist articles about watches. These were invoked so far 93.679.393.

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Watch legend, second generation

The dream of the world’s finest watches and how it became reality: the new LANGE 1 in pink gold on Ferdinand Adolph Lange’s 1837 journeyand workbook

Glashütte, July 2015

The new LANGE 1 has arrived

The history and the future of A. Lange & Söhne come together in the LANGE 1. In the year that marks the 200th birthday of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, its new movement is a fitting symbol of the brand’s determination to keep reinventing itself.

The vision of the world’s finest watches from Saxony took shape during a long voyage. In 1837, it accompanied Ferdinand Adolph Lange,just 22 at the time, from Dresden to Paris, into Switzerland and back again. He recorded his observations ...

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Festive Graduation Ceremony at the “Alfred Helwig” School of Watchmaking

Ceremonial presentation of diplomas by Yann Gamard, manager of Glashütte Original, and Gunnar Müller, head of the watchmaking school „Alfred Helwig“.

Glashütte, 8 July 2015

Newly qualified watchmakers and toolmakers receive diplomas

On Wednesday July 8, 2015, 13 young watchmakers received their graduation certificates from Yann Gamard, Managing Director of Glashütte Original, and Gunnar Müller, Head of the “Alfred Helwig“ School of Watchmaking. The two gentlemen also took pleasure in presenting two toolmakers with their diplomas, six months in advance of the scheduled conclusion of the students’ period of studies.

The warm and sunny summer day was a perfect match for the high spirits of the newly minted graduates of the manufactory’s own “Alfred Helwig“ School of Watchmaking: 13 young watchmakers celebrated ...

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New colours for two iconic watches

DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN in pink gold and 10:1 model of the first Lange chronograph calibre L951.1

Glashütte, June 2015

The Saxony-based watch brand A. Lange & Söhne has expanded its range of colours for its chronograph collection: Two highly attractive models in pink gold/black (DATOGRAPH UP/DOWN) and white gold/grey (DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL) are now available.

Industry experts regard the DATOGRAPH from A. Lange & Söhne as one of the most popular chronographs. In 1999, the world’s first ever column-wheel chronograph with a flyback function, precisely jumping minute counter and outsize-date display caused quite a sensation in professional circles. It has long since achieved cult status. It is not only ...

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A redesigned classic

The new-generation SAXONIA DUAL TIME, SAXONIA and SAXONIA AUTOMATIC watches in white gold

Glashütte, June 2015

SAXONIA models from A. Lange & Söhne available from stockists now

In 1994, it was one of the first four models to go on sale after the company’s relaunch. Since then, SAXONIA has evolved into a ten-strong family of models. A. Lange & Söhne presented three of these with a new dial in January 2015: SAXONIA DUAL TIME, SAXONIA and SAXONIA AUTOMATIC. They are now available from stockists.

The name ‘SAXONIA’ refers to the ...

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Special Exhibition at the German Watch Museum Glashütte: “Glashütte during the GDR Era - Watch Production between 1951 and 1990“

Special Exhibition Glashütte during the GDR Era

Glashütte, May 2015

25 years after the German reunification, the German Watch Museum Glashütte honors the achievements of the former Glashütte designers, watchmakers, toolmakers and precision mechanics with a special exhibition. Despite the often difficult circumstances, they managed to keep the tradition of watchmaking alive during the GDR era.

After the founding of the “VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe” (People´s Company Glashütte Watch Companies, VEB GUB for short), a new chapter began in the history of watchmaking in Glashütte. Between 1951 and 1990 ...

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  Markets & Fairs in September and October
  SEP 5th - SEP 7th 15 Leipzig MIDORA Leipzig UHREN- & SCHMUCKTAGE
  SEP 13th 15 Munich Uhren und Technik Börse München
  SEP 20th 15 Dusseldorf Düsseldorfer Uhrenbörse
  SEP 27th 15 Hamburg Uhrenbörse Hamburg
  OCT 4th 15 Houten Uhrenbörse Rikketik
  OCT 11th 15 Cologne Uhren und Schmuck-Markt Köln
  OCT 18th 15 Munich Uhren und Technik Börse München
  OCT 18th 15 Zurich Zürcher Sammler Uhren-Markt
  Specials and Exhibitions within the next months
  JUN 2nd - NOV 1rst 15 Glashutte "Glashutte during GDR.
The watch production between 1951-1990"
  AUG 1rst - AUG 30th 15 Frankfurt Road Show “The Art of the Chronograph”
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HISTORY September 4

On 4th September, 1927 the association of quality watch sellers, with the brand name “Centra”, was founded in Berlin.
On 4th September, 1942 many workers of the firm Bayard - Maison Duverdrey & Bloquel where tranportated as convict to Germany.
At 4th September, 1942 the restauration of the astronomic clock from the Town Hall at Heilbron, under the management of Ingeborg Wolf, was accomplished.
At Bad Arolsen, a second large meeting after the last world war took place, from 4th, till 6th September, 1981 organised by the "Senioren-Verband Saxonia, Traditionsvereinigung des ehemaligen A.-H. Verbandes der S.-V. Saxonia" where on that occasion this name was chosen.

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Dass Tutima früher eine Glashütter Qualitätsmarke nicht der Uhrenrohwerkefabrik UROFA, sondern der Schwesterfirma UFAG, die einen Teil der Werke der Urofa veredelte, war?

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Tragbare, kleinere Uhr (franz. Montre)

Die Entwicklung von Taschenuhren wurde erst möglich, nachdem im frühen 15. Jahrhundert der Federantrieb erfunden wurde. Die Form der Taschenuhr entwickelte sich aus den frühen Dosenuhren. Die Taschenuhren zur Zeit ihrer Erfindung waren rund, aus Eisen hergestellt und ca. 2cm hoch, sowie ca. 6 cm im Durchmesser groß.

  • 1550 kamen die sog. Eiuhren (ovale Form) auf
  • 1575 gab es die ersten Taschenuhren mit Wecker

Anfangs wurden die Taschenuhren ...

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