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Watch Wiki - the free watch encyclopedia in several languages - is an on-line reference about watches. Everyone can contribute with his knowledge about watches, watch brands, movements, watchmakers, watch manufacturers etc. to extend this specialized source. All articles can be worked on directly in the browser. Since March 2006 the 72.971 registered users and many undeclared aids created 20.186 specialist articles about watches. These were invoked so far over 50 million times.

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In the news

Senator Manual Winding Skeletonized Edition

Glashütte OriginalSenator Manual WindingSkeletonized Edition

Glashütte, 8. May 2014

Filigreed mechanics and the dazzling art of watchmaking

Taking up the well-established tradition of skeletonized watches from Glashütte, the manufactory has created the beautiful Senator Manual Winding - Skeletonized Edition.

The elegant two-hand model is presented in a perfectly polished red gold case, 42 mm in diameter, which frames the ...

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Glashütte Original - Preview Baselworld 2014: PanoMaticInverse

Glashütte Original - PanoMaticInverse.

Introduced to great success in 2008, the PanoInverse XL was the first of the Saxon watchmaker’s timepieces to reveal its inner beauty, presenting this very special form of fine adjustment on the face of the watch. This was made possible by the inverse positioning of the components that are normally visible through the case back’s sapphire crystal. To achieve this it was necessary to refine many of the movement components and to further develop individual components and sub-groups, which led to a completely new design of the manual winding Calibre 66.

The PanoMaticInverse, which celebrates its debut at Baselworld 2014, takes this idea further and is presented here with the new Calibre 91-02, a precise automatic movement with a ...

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A. Lange & Söhne lays cornerstone for manufactory extension

Cornerstone laying ceremony at A. Lange & Söhne: Walter Lange with the engraved time capsule.

Glashütte, September 2013

Ergonomically optimised working conditions, streamlined processes and a balanced ecological footprint are just some of the advantages of Lange Uhren GmbH’s new manufactory extension. During a reception at the construction site, Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid and company founder Walter Lange laid the cornerstone for the new five-storey building.

The A. Lange & Söhne construction site in Glashütte is abuzz with activity. The structural framework of the manufactory extension is gradually taking shape. Having completed the basement level and base plate, Dresden-based building contractor WOLFF & MÜLLER is already erecting the first walls for the entrance area on the ground level. This is where Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid and Walter Lange set the cornerstone with a time capsule. It contains a newspaper, the current A. Lange & Söhne catalogue, the latest edition of ...

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Dresden rediscovers time

Mathematics and Physics Salon Dresden

Dresden / Glashütte, April 2013

The Mathematics and Physics Salon in the Dresden Zwinger was closed for six years due to comprehensive renovations. A. Lange & Söhne has supported the refurbishment of the museum. Last Sunday, it reopened its doors to the public and now demonstrates the persuasiveness and splendour of knowledge even more impressively than before.^

“One of the cores of Saxony's history” is how Hartwig Fischer, Director of the Dresden State Art Collections, refers to the Mathematics and Physics Salon which reopened on 14th April 2013. Endowed with twice as much space as before, the eminent scientific history collection presents more than 400 exhibits, including clocks and watches, automata, telescopes, and globes. With its observatory and timekeeping service, it became the highest authority for all time-related matters in the late 18th century and is deemed the cradle of precision watchmaking in Dresden.

The Salon has always been of special significance for the venerable watch brand. Here, about 180 years ago, the young Ferdinand A. Lange discovered his passion for ...

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Successful auction of limited Lange timepiece


Glashütte / Hong Kong, April 2013 Record price for a RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON "Pour le Mérite" HANDWERKSKUNST at SOTHEBY’s in Hong Kong

A RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON "Pour le Mérite" HANDWERKSKUNST changed hands for EUR 289.350 at a SOTHEBY’s auction in Hong Kong on 7th April 2013. This is a 62 per cent plus compared to the original retail price of EUR 178.500. The model has been launched only two years ago. The piece auctioned off is number 8 out of a limited edition of only 15 pieces.

The cases are made of an innovative honey-coloured gold alloy which, with a Vickers hardness of ...

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HISTORY: July 31

17th century

Nikolaus Rugendas was born on 31th July, 1665.

18th century

Jean-Louis Gosselin was born on 31th July, 1756 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.
Marguerite-Catherine Gosselin was born on 31th July, 1756 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.

19th century

Friedrich Wöhler was born on 31th July, 1800 in Eschersheim near Frankfurt a. M.
Marie-Françoise Croutte was born on 31th July, 1801 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.
Édouard-Joseph Thuillier was born on 31th July, 1807 in Dieppe.
Hilaire-Albéric Decaux was born on 31th July, 1824 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.
Marie-Estelle Croutte was born on 31th July, 1841 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.
Eugêne-Adolphe Boissel was born on 31th July, 1846 in Dieppe.
François-Jean-Baptiste Gourdain was born on 31th July, 1848 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.
Berthe-Yvonne Sannier was born on 31th July, 1891 in Saint-Nicolas d'Aliermont.

20th century

Pierre-Alain Blum was born on 31th July, 1945 in Neuchâtel.

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Stichwort: Napoleon und die dezimale Zeiteinteilung

Am 22. September 1792 rief der Nationalkonvent in Frankreich die Republik aus und schuf noch am gleichen Tag eine neue Zeitrechnung: Ab dem 1. Vendémiaire III (22. September 1794) wurde die dezimal gegliederte Tageseinteilung eingeführt, die auch eine dem entsprechende Dezimaluhr vorsah. In Artikel 11 des Kalendergesetzes vom 4. Frimaire Jahr II (24. November 1793) hieß es: „Der Tag von einer Mitternacht zur anderen ist in zehn Teile oder Stunden eingeteilt, jedes Teil in zehn andere und so weiter bis zur kleinsten meßbaren Einheit der Zeit. Der hundertste Teil einer Stunde heißt Dezimal-Minute, der hundertste Teil einer Minute heißt eine Dezimal-Sekunde."

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Artikel der Woche
Tourbillon Käfig

Tourbillon (franz. Wirbelwind)

Eine Uhr, deren Werk mit einem filigranen Drehgestell ausgestattet ist, in dessen Mitte die Unruh und seitlich die Hemmung lagern. Dieser Käfig sitzt auf der Sekundenradwelle. Wenn sich also das Sekundentrieb mit dem Drehgestell einmal pro Minute dreht, dreht sich ebenfalls der Käfig einmal um seine Achse. Dadurch werden Schwerpunktfehler im Schwingsystem einer mechanischen Uhr kompensiert, da die Schwerkraft nun von allen Seiten gleichzeitig den Schwung von Unruh und Unruhspirale beeinflusst. Erfunden hat dieses der Uhrmacher Abraham-Louis Breguet, der im Jahre 1801 das Patent dafür erhielt.

Durch die Verwendung eines Tourbillons konnten ...

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