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Watch Wiki - the free watch encyclopedia in several languages - is an on-line reference about watches. Everyone can contribute with his knowledge about watches, watch brands, movements, watchmakers, watch manufacturers etc. to extend this specialized source. All articles can be worked on directly in the browser. Since March 2006 the 240.324 registered users and many undeclared aids created 32.822 specialist articles about watches. These were invoked so far 113.803.980.

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Junghans: Time in its new form

Junghans FORM A C Family

With the FORM Junghans is launching a new watch line that combines modern design in a classic watch form.

Schramberg, February 2017

Create your own time

A watch for every occasion and every time – Junghans makes this wish come true with the new FORM. The timepiece gives its wearer the freedom and opportunity to make a successful appearance at every occasion. Good style is timeless and the modern, unadorned FORM is a master of reservation – a characteristic timepiece for every point in time. ...

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Obituary Walter Lange

Walter Lange in front of the bust of his great-grandfather Ferdinand Adolph Lange.

Walter Lange (1924–2017)

Glashütte, 17 January 2017

Not very many people take it upon themselves to found a company at an age when most people are retiring. But there was no hesitation when, in 1990, Walter Lange had the opportunity to revitalise the factory of his forefathers, whose operations were interrupted by the Cold War and the division of Germany into East and West. He was 66 years old at the time. The reunification of Germany opened a historical window of opportunity for the great-grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, founder of the Saxony-based maker of fine watches. After a 40-year-long involuntary hiatus, Walter Lange managed to breathe new life into the legend of the historical brand and to successfully take on the powerful competition from Swiss watchmakers. The clever idea of bringing Germany’s most famous watch brand back to life was so powerful that it made its way to reality.

With a small, committed team of ingenious engineers and watchmakers, he and his partner Günter Blümlein were able to find ...

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Robert Mühle Zeigerdatum

Robert Mühle Zeigerdatum

Bring on the Complications: the New Robert Mühle Zeigerdatum

Glashütte, September 2016

Mühle-Glashütte is now honouring the life and work of its founder with its new Robert Mühle special edition, which also breathes fresh life into a classic complication that is now a rare treasure: the date hand. As you would expect from a timepiece made in a genuine manufacturing workshop, the mechanism was personally designed by Mühle-Glashütte's expert watchmakers themselves. This exclusive characteristic is even more enhanced by the fact that this special edition watch is limited to a total of just 100 pieces.

After founding his family company in 1869, Robert Mühle played a significant role in establishing the excellent reputation of the German town of Glashütte as a top watchmaking location thanks to his high-precision measuring instruments. This year, he would have celebrated his 175th birthday. This is reason enough for Mühle-Glashütte to celebrate its namesake by launching a traditionally manufactured classic timepiece that reflects the values practised by Robert Mühle in the most stunning way possible. The new Robert Mühle Zeigerdatum ...

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Moon over Saxony

SAXONIA MOON PHASE in front of the famous Rakotz Bridge in Kromlau, Saxony, in the full-moon night on 20 June

The new SAXONIA MOON PHASE is the star of a global photography project

Glashütte, July 2016

Unveiled at the SIHH in January, the SAXONIA MOON PHASE is now becoming available at points of sale. It pairs an accurate moon-phase display with the striking Lange outsize date. A photo shoot against a Saxon backdrop in the moonlight aptly expresses the perfect combination of precision and aesthetics. The portrayal kicks off an international online event.

Astronomy, photography, and space travel are the three key disciplines that have given us close-up encounters with the moon. But, despite the latest insights, it has lost none of its allegorical fascination. After all, the magical appeal ...

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Senator Excellence: 24 Days on the Test Bench

Senator Excellence:A rotating test device is used to simulate the conditions under which the watch is worn on the wrist and to test it in different positions.

Manufactory Calibre 36 promises new standard of quality

Glashütte, June 2016

At the heart of the Senator Excellence the manufactory Calibre 36 introduces a new generation of timepieces, and with it the Glashütte Original manufactory defines an innovative new standard of quality. Every single one of these watches bears a special engraving on the case back, which must be understood as a promise. Together with an individual examination certificate, the engraving guarantees the owner that the watch meets the highest standards in terms of stability, running time, precision and aesthetics, and that it has been thoroughly examined over the course of a long-term test lasting 24 days – under conditions even more demanding than those in force for the standard German chronometer tests.

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Glashütte Original launches new generation of timepieces

Assembly of reduction wheel

Calibre 36 combines maximum stability, precision, running time and aesthetics

Glashütte, June 2016

The watchmakers of Glashütte Original strive to achieve nothing less than maximum precision and quality. The manufactory Calibre 36 – the heart of the new Senator Excellence – takes this credo to a new level. With a special engraving on the case back as well as an individual examination certificate for each new watch, Glashütte Original offers customers a promise of quality. This guarantees that every Senator Excellence watch meets the highest standards in terms of stability, precision, a running time of at least 100 hours, and timeless beauty, and also assures that it has been thoroughly tested in a long-term examination lasting 24 days.

Following a successful inaugural presentation at Baselworld 2016, the international launch of three beautifully designed versions ...

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  Markets & Fairs in June and July
  Jun 04th 17 Las Vegas International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG)
  Jun 07th 17 New York Antiquorum
  Jun. 20th-23rd 17 Genf EPHJ-EPMT, Messe für Mikromechanik, Uhrmacher und Mikrotechnologie
  Jun 11th 17 München Uhren und Technik Börse München
  Jun 25th 17 Miami International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG)
  Jul 03rd-20th 17 Monte Carlo Auktionshaus Boule
  Jul 08th 17 Houten Uhrenbörse Rikketik
  Jul 08th 17 Hong Kong Antiquorum
  Jul 16th 17 Midland Uhrenbörse Midland
  Jul 23rd 17 München Uhren und Technik Börse München
  Jul 24th 17 New York International Watch and Jewelry Guild (IWJG)
  Specials and Exhibitions within the next months
  Jun 17th 16-Nov 20th 16 Glashutte „Glashütte on Board – 130 Years of Marine Chronometers from Saxony“
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Ansicht der Goertzuhr im massiven, reich dekorierten Gehäuse

Glashütter Kunstuhr (auch Goertzuhr genannt)

Hermann Goertz erbaute die Glashütter Kunstuhr von 18921925. Die Uhr demonstriert zahlreiche Finessen und Komplikationen der Uhrmacherei, bis hin zu aufwendigen astronomischen Anzeigen. 1928 erwarb sie der Sächsische Staat. Die Uhr wurde im Foyer der Deutschen Uhrmacherschule Glashütte aufgestellt. 1956 wurde die Glashütter Kunstuhr von A. Helwig und Heinz Sauerwald überholt und verbessert.

1984 wurde die Uhr von Jürgen Fritsch und Karl Friebel überholt. Über diese Überholungen wurden von den Uhrmachern umfangreiche Dokumentationen erstellt, die hier im Wortlaut wiedergegeben werden. Die Glashütter Kunstuhr befand sich zwischenzeitlich in den Räumlichkeiten der Lange Uhren GmbH und kann seit dem 22. Mai 2008 wieder an ihren alten Standort, dem jetzigen "Deutschen Uhrenmuseum Glashütte" besichtigt werden.

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Unter Verwendung eines Textes von Fritsch/Friebel


Astrolabium / Astrolab (griech. „Stern-Nehmer“)

Messgerät zur Winkelmessung am Himmel

Wahrscheinlich wurde es von Eratosthenes gegen 250 v. Chr. entwickelt. Die damals als Astrolabien bezeichneten Instrumente werden heute als Armillarsphären oder sphärische Astrolabien bezeichnet. Mit derartigen Instrumenten wurden die Sternkataloge des Hipparchos und Ptolemäus erstellt. Die seit dem Mittelalter allgemein bekannten scheibenförmigen Astrolabien sollen auf Hipparchos zurückgehen und wurden im arabischen Raum weiterentwickelt. Sie erlauben zwar weniger Messungen als die sphärische ...

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