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American Waltham Watch Co.

Fabrikgebäude der American Waltham Watch Co.
Waltham Watch Co.
Aktie von 1964

In 1850, three visionaries, Aaron Lufkin Dennison, Edward Howard and David Davis established a pocket watch factory in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Two years later the company revolutionised the horological industry by successfully machine manufacturing high quality precise watch movements using an interchangeable parts system. Needing new premises, the business relocated to nearby Waltham in 1854 from where it continued to set benchmarks for other watchmakers worldwide. Winner of the first ever gold medal in a watch precision contest at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition of 1876, the pieces produced by Waltham were of the highest quality. The “Crescent Street” model was the first to be manufactured that met the exacting requirements demanded by the railroads. Yet Walthams are not valued simply for their superior accuracy and reliability. Priding itself on its workmanship, the company crafted watches of outstanding beauty, which remain highly sought-after by collectors today. In keeping with our pioneering heritage, Waltham-made timepieces played important roles in many of the great human endeavours of the twentieth century. Our 8-day clocks equipped both Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St Louis and Charles Kingsford-Smith’s Southern Cross on their record breaking flights. Artic explorer Robert Peary became the first man to reach the Geographic North Pole using a Waltham as a navigational aid and Sir Ernest Shackleton’s British Antarctic Expedition of 1907 also made use of Walthams, which were found to be extremely reliable even under the harshest conditions. The immediate post-war period proved difficult for the company. Unable to acquire modern machinery, the decision was taken in 1954 to move to Switzerland where Waltham could continue to manufacture timepieces of the highest quality as a Swiss watch manufacturer. Since this move Waltham has continued in its quest for excellence and luxury most notably with the Radiant 2000, a masterpiece three years in the making and boasting over 150 carats of handpicked diamonds and the “Fascination” collection which was the first watch to be made of 23-carat gold.

Lord and Lady Waltham

The Lord and Lady Waltham series epitomise the essence of the brand. In keeping with our pioneering roots we have created a selection of bold designs that capture the imagination. The attention to detail in the design and crafting of each timepiece endows the range with a level of prestige that is hinted at in the aristocratic names. We pride ourselves on selecting only the highest quality materials for our watches and we strive to ensure that the workmanship is maintained at the high levels that our customers have come to associate with Waltham. Testament of the brand’s refinement and desirability is the esteem in which Waltham is held in Japan, one of the most discerning and demanding markets for luxury watches. With this range we have concentrated on producing finely crafted watches embodying Swiss horological tradition whilst providing each model with distinctive touches that mirror the individuality of the owner. Using noble metals and only the best gemstones, the series provides people with a unique sense of self-assurance stemming not from the display of a status symbol or label, but rather from the confident expression of the individual’s own priorities and tastes through an exquisitely made timekeeper. In a world that is truly global and where time is at a premium, every second becomes precious. Such a hectic pace of life means that we must reflect on the ways we use our time and the means by which we keep track of it. We invite you to share our vision and values through the ownership of an exclusive and impeccably reliable Lord or Lady Waltham. Having dedicated the Lady Waltham to our century and a half of watch making, we marked the dawning of a new millennium with an exclusive men’s model, the Lord Waltham. This elegant COSC certified chronometer is housed in a tonneau-shaped case, whose smooth lines are evocative of the Art Deco period. A fusion of precision and a classic yet modern design the Lord Waltham embodies the forgotten dreams of a past century and the unbounded hopes with which we enter the next. Waltham presents Lord Waltham 48 new collection in Basel2008. We also introduce the additional Lady Waltham Lune collection and the new Lord Waltham collection inspired by the Art Deco period.

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