Automatic pocket watch

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The very first automatic watches were XVIII Century pocket ones. After that they spent more then a century in obscurity. Documented are a 1890 Perpetuale, and then a brief period of mass production in the 1950s and 60s with the 1955 Eterna-matic Golfer (rare but not expensive, at US$ 200–600; originally sold for US$ 75–300), the Tissot Visodate pocket watch from 1956 (around US$ 400), and the Citizen Leopard pocket watch (very rare, prices not readily found). Nowadays there are a few models made in China and sold with European names, such as Charles Hubert and August Steiner for under US$ 200, besides the UR Werk UR-1001, of which only eight were produced and sold for a few hundred thousand dollars.

IWC had a prototype and was recently rumoured to prepare a pocket version of the Portuguese automatic wristwatch.


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