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Election watch?

I've got an Election wrist watch and it is indeed very hard to find any information about the brand. In addition to the information above, please see my results below.

In 1950 Election is acquired by Marvin Watch Company, which is founded in 1850 in Saint-Imier (Schweiz) and moved to the famous wacht-village/valley La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1894. The brand Election is used until somewhere in the sixties where it silently went out of production.

Their final model is (probably) the Superdate Deluxe. Although they became especially famous for their pocket watches and their quality, they also had a famous Grand Prix line in wrist watches which is (also) rare and still popular under a small group of enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, I don't know the heritage of the Grand Prix line. Till 1914 Grand Prix were only held once a year in France (Lyon), so that has nothing to do with Berne and the Swiss Grand Prix was only included in the championship in 1934. Now-a-days is the Grand Prix of Berne a famous 10 miles run, but this just started in 1982. There does exists some kind of an Expo that is a 'presentation of Switzerland'. This is a rare happening and was also held in 1914 in Berne. The history has only know a few dates for this 'presentation of Switzerland': 1883-Zürich, 1896-Genf, 1914-Bern, 1939-Zürich, 1964-Lausanne (Expo), 1991-'Innerschweiz' (CH91), 2002-Biel and Neuchâtel (Expo.02) and a planned one 2020-Gottardo. So, this wasn't a Grand Prix, but nicknames were made for this. I couldn't find if Grand Prix was nickname as well, but at the moment this looks the most appealing explanation for me!

About your pocket watch: If I compare logo's, then your watch is made between 1914 and 1919 (can have been sold afterwards of course). Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index