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  • CLay, B, London; watch, hall marked 1750
  • Clay, Charles, Stockton, Yorkshire, petitioned Parliament for a patent inrespect of a repeating and musical watch or clock, his invention; Mr Quare produced a watch to answer the same end as Mr Clay's; the Attorney General Reported in favour of Mr. Clay; the Clockmakers Company, however, opposed Mr. Clay, and after a tough fight extending from Feb 1716 to the latter part of 1717, the patent was not granted. He seems to have lived subsequently in the Strand.
  • Clay, Charles (2), Fenchurch Street; watch in crystal case in South KensingtonMuseum, 1740; another example with chased outer case, about 1750
  • Clay, Charles (3), Gainsborough um 1828
  • Clay Samuel, London, Ausbildung 1680, Lehrling von Jeremy Gregory, 1687 Mitglied der Clockmakers Company.
  • CLay, Thomas;, Chelmsford; lantern clocks about 1650
  • Clay, William (1); brother Clockmakers Company; maker of a watch Cromwell presented to Col. Bagwell at the seige of Clonmel; also of a clock inscribed "William Clay, King's Street, Westminster"; watch of later date, at Guildhall Museum, 1645-80.
  • CLay, William (2), London; about 1750