Complete Price Guide to Watches

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Complete Price Guide to Watches

Complete Price Guide to Watches, 2011
Tinderbox Press, Mount Pleasant USA; 2011; over 1.200 Pages, 7.850 Illustrations


Tom Engle, Richard E. Gilbert, Richard M. Gilbert, Cooksey Shugart

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ISBN 0982948700
ISBN 978-0982948705

The most reliable and convenient guide to watches available, the "Complete Price Guide To Watches" is a mini encyclopedia with over 10,000 watches priced and over 8,000 images provided for education and identification. This book is the definitive guide for all levels of watch education and collection. From the amateur collector to the most prestigious auction houses, the "Complete Price Guide To Watches" has something for everyone. Every year there are thousands of price changes and this year is no exception. The "Complete Price Guide To Watches" contains the most up to date information on American and European pocket watches and wrist watches, Comic and Character watches including pricing, identification information, tips, history, terminology and the annual market report. This book provides not only accurate pricing information on a plethora of watches, but also provides historical information on a myriad of watchmakers, including birth and death dates, company histories, movement identification, serial numbers, grade numbers, production dates and quantities. The guide also has dedicated illustrated entries on how a watch works, watch parts nomenclature, the individual parts of a watch movement, how to properly open a pocket watch case and care for your watch, Railroad watch dials, cases and adjustments, how to determine the age and manufacturer of a watch and how watches are appraised. All of this information is accented by antique illustrations salvaged and lovingly reproduced from long lost watch catalogs, advertisements and brochures. It is because of this attention to detail that the "Complete Price Guide To Watches" has attained its near legendary status as the only true Bible of watch prices, history and education currently in print. There is no other book on watches this thorough on the market today. Before you buy or sell any wrist or pocket watch, be sure to buy the "Complete Price Guide To Watches."


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