Coufal, Hans

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Deutscher Mechaniker

Hans Bernard Coufal wurde am 9. April 1908 in Dippoldiswalde geboren. Er war der Sohn von Johann Coufal und Anna Marie Coufal (geb. Kästner, (3.3.1886 Dippoldiswalde, † 1951 vermutlich Glashütte). Hans war der Brüder von Max "Walter" Coufal. In 1926 war Hans Hörer an der Deutschen Uhrmacherschule Glashütte, und erhielt von der Uhrmacher-Woche eine Buchprämie.

Hans Bernard Coufal siedelte wie sein Bruder Walter um nach Ruhla wo er als Mechaniker tätig war. Hans war verheiratet mit Eleonore Mathilde Coufal. Aus dieser Ehe wurde Hans Juergen Coufal am 17 Januar 1945 geboren. Er wurde Physiker im Amerika.

Hans Juergen Coufal, passed away on Sept. 19, 2006. Hans was born on January 17, 1945 in Ruhla, Germany, the son of Hans Bernhard Coufal and Eleonore Mathilde Coufal. He attended school in Munich, Germany and received his PhD in Applied Physics from the Technical University of Munich. Afterwards Hans spent several years on the faculty. Hans and his family moved to San Jose in 1981 where he joined the research staff at IBM in their Almaden Science and Technology area. During his 25 years with IBM, as a researcher and a manager, he managed a wide variety of projects associated with everything from holographic data storage research to spintronics. In 2005 Hans became the founding director and technical group leader of the Nanoelectronics Research Corporation, a program of the Semiconductor Industry Association which sponsors university research in nanoscale technologies. He helped found three new centers for nanotechnology research during his tenure with the NRC. During his distinguished career Hans authored or co-authored more than 150 technical publications, authored or edited ten books, held 14 patents, and won many awards, including the Bundesverdienstkreuz, the German counterpart of the Order of Merit. Hans is survived by his wife of 33 years, Lore Hedwig Coufal, by his three children Nicole, Michelle, and Hans Thomas Coufal, and by his brother, Heinz Dieter Coufal. A celebration of Han's life will be held on Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at Darling & Fischer Campbell Memorial Chapel, 231 E. Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA. Memorial donations may be made to the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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