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In 2016, We proudly launched our first elegant, distinct and unique timepiece. All of our timepieces are unique and different, but not like any other in the market, we are passionate about our timepieces, and we take the time to choose and design every single part. We want to strive to compete, but surpass well-known watch brands. We want to show that our timepieces are incredible, extraordinary and beautiful, but still have that feeling of minimalist appearance. We are the new generation; we want to bring back the elegant, minimalist and unique designs. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality, so you get the best possible quality Switzerland can offer. We strive to provide exceptional quality service to our customers. We intend to prove that ArloMouN is a trusted and reliable watch brand. Amsterdam being the commercial capital of the Netherlands is one of the most important financial centers in Europe, but is also considered an alpha city and are well known for its Dutch timepieces.

All of our timepieces are designed by our Founder Carlos Chamaoun and are not based on standard production models, unlike so many brands today. Each instance is finished by hand, which makes them unique and unusual. This is one of nine classic editions we will produce of which four will be limited editions. In addition to this, we will launch four series of timepieces. The first four will consist of the Limited Edition: Classics, Divers, Pilots and Woman’s Classics. All series will have eight more models, but only a handful will be limited editions. We will be focusing more on women’s timepieces, and we will introduce some special editions, but most will be revealed in the future.