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We officially announced our brand in 2015 and in 2016 we launched our first elegant and unique designed timepiece. Our timepieces are all unique and different from the other watch brands. We wan't to be more then just a different watch brand, we want to show that timepieces can be amazing, out of the ordinary and gorgeous, but still have that sense of minimalistic design and feel. We see ourselves as a new generation watch brand that brings back the elegant, minimalistic and unique designs to one fantastic piece. With the best craftsmanship in their fields you can enjoy your timepiece for years and even pass it on to the next generation. We challenge and push ourselves to achieve the best results possible. We want timepieces to be of the highest quality so we can sell it at a reasonable price and give our customers a great experience and timepiece. Our watch company will be build by our trusted customers and that will not go unnoticed. That is why we strive for the best quality so we can prove that we are a trusted and reliable watch brand.