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Sapphire cutter: „Ingold cutter“ (Pierre-Fréderic Ingold, 1825 – or around 1860)
Ingold, Pierre-Frederic (1787-1878): Pioneer of mechanized watchmaking from Bienne, who worked for BREGUET in Paris, introduced JEWELS to Switzerland, entered negotiations with the JAPYS, but could not agree and tried to set up a watchmaking factory in France. He transferred to London, where his Soho factory was damaged by hand-made watch workers, so moved to the U.S.A. and became a U.S. citizen. There his ideas were adopted and the first factories set up in Boston, but he personally was expelled without reason. He returned to La Chaux de Fonds and tried again unsuccessfully to set up a factory, dying there at the age of 92. In the meantime watchmaking by machinery had been started by Leschot in Geneva. Ingold drills were used until recently.


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