Huguenin, Gustave Henri (2)

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Huguenin, Gustave Henri (2)
(siehe auch: Huguenin Personen G)

Schweizer Uhrmacher

Gustave Henri Huguenin-Virchaux (known as Henri), Albert and Emma's fifth child, was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds on 19. Februar 1898. He burned his hand badly on a wood stove at the age of 3, leaving three fingers of his left hand unusable, but this handicap never prevented him from doing anything he wanted to do. When he reached the age of his first military service, he hid his left hand from the recruiting officer, and easily passed all the physical tests designed to weed out those unsuitable for army service. When the officer told him that he was fit for service, Henri showed him his hand, and was instantly dismissed. Henri designed and built many of his own tools to work in the watchmaking trade.

Gustave Henri Huguenin-Virchaux verstarb im Jahre 1976 in Neuchâtel