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The category Picture gallery movements is a upper category, which includes several picture galleries as sub-categories.

Sub-categories with the topic Picture gallery movements are automatically assigned to this upper category, if you put the following line into the may be needed new sub-category:

[[Category:Picture gallery movements]]


Assign pictures to this category

Please check if there is a more specific sub-category for the new picture you want to assign!

You can add more pictures to this category by adding the following line into the picture description while uploading the picture or at a later time:

{{Category Picture gallery watch models}}

These pictures will be automatically assigned to the appropiate picture gallery of every other Watch-Wiki language version.

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Pictures of watch models whose manufacturer is not known at the moment are assigned to the category Category:Picture gallery movements of not known manufacturers. Help us out by assign those watches to the correct manufacturer. The mentors will give support here.

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