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Lange, Richard

Richard Lange
Richard Lange
Die ehemalige Villa von Richard Lange in Radebeul
(diesen Ort anzeigen)
Im Hintergrund:
Das "Hohe Haus" der Gräfin von Cosel, das Spitzhaus Radebeul.

Richard Lange was born in Dresden in 1845. Until the age of 15, Lange had a private tutor; then he began training in his father’s company and worked there for four years, gaining insight into all aspects of watchmaking. Moritz Grossmann instructed him in the theory of horology. Lange studied at the "Koenigliche Werkmeisterschule" (royal school for work masters) in Chemnitz to complete his education; he went to Vissière in Le Havre afterwards to improve his French as well as his knowledge in watchmaking - Vissière was a maker of chronometers who had trained with Winnerl in Paris. From there Lange went to London and worked for the chronometer maker Boehme. Finally, after 4 years of working abroad, he returned home to Glashuette and became a partner in his father’s company in 1868.