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Revue Thommen

Revue Thommen:
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Gédéon Thommen digital mechanical pocket watch. 1890s
Heritage Collection

Swiss watch manufacturer

Only a few firms in the Swiss watch industry can look back on such a long tradition as Revue Thommen. The firm, Revue Thommen, was founded in 1853 by Gédéon Thommen and it developed into one of the leading companies in this sector.

In the early days, only wristwatches and pocket watches were produced. They relied exclusively on their own movements, as was only fitting. Around 1920, Revue Thommen also decided to start producing instruments for the aviation industry. This segment was constantly expanded, and today, Revue Thommen's instruments are among the leading products in the aviation industry. Small watches (wristwatches) were produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds for many years. The Revue Thommen Cricket* products (mechanical alarm clocks) became world famous. Many presidents of the United States were proud wearers of the Revue Thommen Cricket watch.

The firm, Grovana Watch Co. Ltd., took over production and global sales of Revue Thommen watches in spring 2001. The firm, Grovana, is one of the leading companies in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Sales of Grovana products have expanded strongly in recent years. Today, its watches are sold through more than 60 country agents around the world. Great attention has always been paid to quality, but if a repair is ever necessary, our spare parts service comes into its own. Any part, ordered by our agents, will be dispatched within 48 hours. When Revue Thommen watches were integrated into Grovana Watch Co. Ltd., it was decided that two main divisions should be further developed: the Airspeed aviation chronometers and the traditional watch division with exclusive Revue Thommen Manufacture movements.

The Airspeed lines, which comprise The Classics and The XLarge Collection, will shortly be supplemented by the jubilee collection called The Flyback Collection. The Airspeed line reflects the technical accuracy and perfection of Revue Thommen's aviation tradition. The traditional collection is devoted to the original watchmaking art. Thus Revue Thommen has decided to resume production of the tried-and-tested, exclusive Revue Thommen Manufacture movements.

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