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A full-fledged Manufacture [Bearbeiten]

Founded in 1904 and having crossed the 100-year threshold, SWIZA combines incomparable experience in luxury clocks with perpetually renewed creative dynamism. SWIZA is Switzerland's largest clock manufacturer. Its artisans perpetuate the tradition of high-quality timekeepers in solid brass, combining cutting-edge machining technologies with a time-honoured finish worthy of craftsmen. In particular, SWIZA is one of the rare "Manufactures" making its own mechanical and quartz movements. In its modern factory in Delémont (the Swiss Jura region), around 40,000 table clocks, alarm clocks, carriage clocks and movements are produced under its own SWIZA and MATTHEW NORMAN brands, or for prestigious world-famous watch brands. Building on its past, while resolutely geared towards the future, the third generation of the Schwab family is working with a team of competent young managers in rising to new challenges and perpetuating the creative genius which has made SWIZA so successful.

WHO IS WHO [Bearbeiten]

SWIZA clocks : For connoisseurs of modern aesthetic elegance. SWIZA clocks are characterised by an exclusive and resolutely contemporary style and fitted with the Swiza quartz movements, the only movements with the Swiss made label. Crafted in noble materials such as brass and precious woods, they also meet the high quality criteria inherent to Swiss clock and watchmaking. SWIZA spells an unusual design concept: the collections are part of the complete Swiza world with four types of clocks covering major specific requirements in terms of timekeepers: at home or in the office, on a bed-side table or when travelling.


Mechanical clocks : The gem in the SWIZA crown. SWIZA took over MATTHEW NORMAN, a respected Swiss manufacturer of luxury mechanical carriage clocks in 1991, thereby acquiring a second flagship brand and writing a new chapter in the history of carriage clocks by reproducing some vintage models, while also giving the genre a bright new look. MATTHEW NORMAN clocks are fitted with complex mechanical movements (strike, repeat, alarm, date, moonphase), an exceptional baguette movement and the de Paris movement.

SWIZA watches [Bearbeiten]

An alarm on the wrist, a symbolical innovation! In 1997, SWIZA introduced its first collection of SWIZA ·1904· wristwatches. In keeping with its tradition of quality, SWIZA naturally applied highly selective criteria to its watches: cases and bracelets in steel and genuine leather straps, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, water-resistant cases. And representing the ultimate return to company roots, a collection of alarm watches!

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Rue St Maurice 1
CH-2800 Delémont
Tel. +41 (32) 421 94 00
Fax: +41 (32) 422 82 71

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