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Gulliver Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition

Brand name of the NTE Commerce Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Tendence watches are highly distinguishable timepieces with their unique contemporary dimension, which emerges from the complementary fusion of innovation, style and audacious design. Created using a wealth of craftsmanship expertise, avant-garde technology, exquisite materials and movements, Tendence watches are the ultimate must-have which appeal to a broad range of markets and individuals.Those who wear Tendence are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, in fact they seek to be different.

In Spring 2008 exclusive upmarket stores ranging from luxury fashion to concept stores all over the world began to recognise the potential of Tendence to add an exciting new dimension to their ranges. Despite only having been on the market for two years, Tendence is now being distributed in over 80 countries and is continually expanding, notably also in the watch retailing sector where Tendence has found it’s own niche in the market. Tendence will be presenting it’s latest designs at the prestigious Baselworld fair in March 2010.

The Tendence team is based in Lugano, Switzerland and serves the world wide markets from logistic centres on the Swiss border and Hong Kong.

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NTE Commerce Ltd.
Via Calloni 1
CH 6900 Lugano

Tel : (++41) 091 910 78 40
Fax : (++41) 091 922 57 14
Email : [email protected]

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