150 years of Junghans - Junghans technology: precision is a priority

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February, 2011

150 years of Junghans
Junghans Aura Quadra 013 1120 44
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In their search for accuracy, Junghans have invested a great deal of expertise in researching and developing new technologies over the last 150 years. This ambition led to an exceptional innovation in 1990: the world’s first radio-controlled watch which was preceded by a radio-controlled table clock.

A history of the radio-controlled clock

With the introduction of radio-controlled technology, Junghans achieved another quantum leap on the pathway to ultimate accuracy: a pathway which Junghans both pioneered and consistently pursued with its various further developments. The first radio-controlled model manufactured in series, a table clock for private use, was followed in 1986 by a new product which revolutionised the watch industry: the table clock RCS1 with both radio-control features and solar power charging. The ever decreasing size of this radio-controlled technology was crucial to its incorporation in wrist watches and was therefore a top priority. In 1990, Junghans finally achieved its goal: the technologically advanced Mega 1 was the first digital radio-controlled watch in the world. This charismatic new feature was also a big step forwards from a design point of view. Designed in collaboration with FROG Design, the futuristic design of the watch made a considerable contribution to the expansion of the company’s design culture. The dream of developing a watch which could receive multiple time signal transmissions across the world was achieved in 2004 with the multi-frequency movement developed by Junghans. In 2011, the traditional Schramberg-based company combined a multi-frequency radio-controlled technology with environmen-tally-friendly solar power in a significantly flatter movement for the first time.


The Spektrum model features for the first time, a combination of multi-frequency radio-controlled technology and solar power. The watch is waterresistant up to 10 atm and impresses in particular with the multi-frequency radio-controlled solar power movement with integrated Autoscan function, created by Junghans. This patented Junghans technology enables the automatic reception of the current time signal transmission and when travelling synchronises the time, thereby guaranteeing the highest levels of comfort and convenience. The timepiece is accorded a sporty character thanks to the inclusion of stainless steel and ceramics in the case and strap to create a harmonious symbiosis.

Mega Futura

The Mega Futura, a development of its historic predecessor Mega 1, is characterised by its precise technology and futuristic design. Pushers are integrated into the robust stainless steel case, set into the line to form parts of the design. The Mega Futura focuses on what is most important and presents only the information needed for the time and date display, omitting the zeros which have no relevance in telling the time. A watch, which skilfully focuses on its priorities.


A timepiece with a name which stands for what it expresses: the Aura women’s model is a watch characterised by its internal ultra-precise radio-controlled technology as well as its charming design. The case and strap are made from ceramics to form an aesthetic unity which impresses with its feminine sense of lightness and offers the wearer the highest possible level of comfort. Dials in mother-of-pearl or set with diamonds lend to the timepieces an additional air of sophistication.


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