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Senator Diary - Advanced Technik in understated design

Senator Terminkalender:
Eine weitere Version der Weltneuheit
Die zweiteilige Terminfunktion des Senator Terminkalender:
Sie besteht aus einem schwarzen Hilfszifferblatt auf 9 Uhr und einem sanft geschwungenen Ausschnitt auf 6 Uhr.
Die zweiteilige Terminfunktion des Senator Terminkalender:
Das Datum wird zuerst gewählt indem die Alarmfunktion im Hilfszifferblatt auf der linken Seite aktiviert wird.
Die zweiteilige Terminfunktion des Senator Terminkalender:
Die gewünschte Zeit kann in Viertelstunden-Intervallen von 00.15 bis 24.00 Uhr bestimmt werden.
Senator Terminkalender:
Um die Alarmfunktion zu aktivieren, betätigt man den Drücker bis das Alarmsymbol (eine Glocke) erscheint, dann wird die Krone gedreht, um den Alarmmechanismus aufzuziehen.

Glashütte, February 2011

So. Business is good. You are busier than ever. True, with so much going on in your life, it is harder than ever to keep track of things. Your diary is packed with important appointments, meetings you simply must attend. Aren’t you forgetting something? Your anniversary, for example?

No worries, help is here: the Senator Diary from Glashütte Original. No other mechanical watch lets you set an alarm up to 30 days ahead of time. Set the alarm, wind it up, and forget about it. Get on with your life. Your Senator Diary won’t let you forget.

Glashütte Original presents the Senator Diary in a new, white gold version with a grey Nubuk leather strap. The design of the watch is beautifully balanced, with two crowns positioned directly opposite each other on either side of the case, each flanked by a pusher.

The crown and pusher on the right operate the compelling panorama data display, positioned at 3 o’clock within the ruthenium galvanized dial. White gold hour, minute and sweep second hands enhance the elegance of the design.

The eye of the connoisseur is drawn immediately to the diary alarm – a ruthenium coloured subdial framed by a German silver ring at 9 o’clock and a gently curving aperture indicated by a red arrow at 6 o’clock.

To set the alarm, first select the date, referring to the diary alarm window positioned within the subdial at 10 o’clock. Press the pusher positioned at 8 o’clock until the letter ‘d’ appears in the window. Turn the 10 o’clock crown until the red and silver pointer selects the correct date from Arabic numerals 1 to 31.

To set the time, press the pusher once more; the letter ‘h’ appears. Turn the crown to select the time, referring to the aperture at 6 o’clock, from quarter-hour intervals from 00.15 to 24.00 hours. To set the alarm, press the pusher to bring the alarm symbol (a bell) into view, then turn the crown to wind the alarm.

When the set date and time arrives, the alarm rings – for up to one minute. To stop the alarm (or to cancel one set previously), press the 8 o’clock pusher until the ‘alarm off’ symbol appears in the window (a black line struck through the bell).

The heart of the Senator Diary is the Glashütte Original Caliber 100-13, which combines the Caliber 100-03 with the extraordinary new diary appointment module for total of 600 components (the diary appointment module alone consists of 340 components), all but a handful of which are designed, manufactured, finished and painstakingly assembled in the Glashütte Original manufactory.

A superb example of the art of engineering at Glashütte Original, the ingeniously interlocking components permit the wearer to set an appointment beyond the end of the month, even when a manual correction of the date is required; any change in date at the end of the month is passed along to the alarm mechanism, obviating the need to reset the alarm. A third spring barrel built into the module ensures that even if the watch runs down, the alarm remains wound.

The Caliber 100-13 automatic movement exhibits further evidence of excellence in fine mechanical watches from Glashütte Original, including a divided three-quarter plate with Glashütte ribbing, polished steel components, beveled edges and blued screws. These exquisite finishings are easily visible through the sapphire crystal case back.

The Senator Diary is also available in stainless steel (black dial) and in rose gold (silver dial). All versions feature a finely worked Louisiana alligator leather strap.


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