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Translation and correction help required!

Help us to translate Watch Wiki into English! There are two ways you can help us to expand and improve the English version of Watch-Wiki:

  1. Correction: Just call up a page that is already in English and correct any errors you find (using Edit).
  2. Translation of German pages:
    1. Please take care not to overwrite the German pages. First copy the contents of the page to a new page with a new name. If you want to start a new page in English, copy the German URL in your browser and add an "/en" to it (for: English version). For example: Hauptseite is the main page and Hauptseite/en the English main page. An empty page has the notice "There is currently no text in this page, you can..." on it.
    2. All English pages have to have the line [[Category:English]] at the end.
    3. You can also use automatic translation, if you like. Call Google Translate and enter the text in question into the "Translate Text/Original text" field. If you use the option "Translate a Web Page", take care not to overwrite the German page (as mentioned above).

If you have questions regarding any aspects of translation from German to English, feel free to contact Wiki-fan.


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