With It into the Club

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Nomos Club and Nomos Club dunkel
Nomos Glashütte/SA

With It into the Club

Post pubescent of the best quality: Club is the name of Nomos Glashütte’s newest, youngest watch. Superior watch making, affordable, sturdy, mechanical – and pretty good looking to boot. For guys and gals, woman and men. For graduation and a long while after.

Glashütte, September 2007. Sunburst pattern on the crown wheel, second stop, 17 jewels, Glashütte click and three-quarter plate – The furnishings of the manual calibre that works in this new watch sound like something from a luxury store or watch dealer that is so pricey one doesn’t dare to enter without parental backing. And even not then, when you are attending your 17th course in psychology, literature or law. It sounds like a store whose carpets swallow every word, in which you dare not ask about prices and in which you always feel like something the cat dragged in, no matter what you’re wearing.

And it is true: the new watch by Nomos Glashütte is available in this kind of store. But: rather than having to take out a second mortgage as you would to pay for its other timepieces, the Club model is affordable. "The perfect watch for graduation from high school or college“ is what the manufactory wanted this watch to be: something that has not been available up to now. And this because – as confusing as the selection of colourful, cheap battery powered watches is, good watches with fine Glashütte movements, for everyday, affordable and quite chic – such things are not yet available.

NOMOS Glashütte fills this gap with the new Club in two variations: the watch is available in both light and dark models. The lighter version has a cream coloured dial with black or red hands; the dial of the other is ruthenium – a dark platinum metal – plated. The hands are rhodium-plated with SuperLumiNova so the hours and minutes are luminescent at night. Both Club models have domed sapphire glass, a sturdy strap of Horween Shell Cordovan (the fine leather from the

hindquarters of Texan workhorses), both possess a modern appearance and timeless beauty, as well as a screwed back, and are waterproof to 10 atm. "Post-pubescent is what they are, because these are really grown up watches that can be worn when college days are long gone“, says NOMOS Glashütte manufactory spokeswoman, Claudia Hoffmann. And yet they are “not quite as staid as most other mechanical watches“. Nothing for people who prefer status symbols to something with pizzazz. NOMOS Glashütte celebrates its new watch with the opening of a new club. Club wearers enter it for free, forever. However: you have to muster up your courage and dare to enter the shops with the expensive carpeting. But we’ve saved you the embarrassment of asking about the price: both models cost 780 euros.

Source: Nomos


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