Artfully presented - The new image concept of the Junghans brand

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February, 2014

Logotype of the Junghans brand
Erhard Junghans PR
Junghans Meister Damen PR
Junghans Meister PR
Max bill by junghans PR
Max bill by junghans Damen PR

Aesthetic, emotional and expressive – these are the objectives of the new image concept of Junghans. In addition to its products, the longstanding, Schramberg-based brand places a clear focus on people. For the aesthetic realisation Junghans obtained the services of the internationally-acclaimed photographer Uwe Ditz, from Stuttgart.

Expressive imagery

Capturing the core of the brand in pictures: Junghans has celebrated numerous successes in recent times, strengthening its position in its global target markets. Prestigious awards, continuous growth and increased internationalisation bear witness to the successful orientation. These successes call for a clear visual language that reflects the way that the brand sees itself. In the new image concept Uwe Ditz achieves this by focusing primarily on the charisma of the protagonists. The artful black and white compositions create an interaction of light and shade in which a character emerges, the aura of which is reflected throughout the images. The individuals appear to have been caught at a moment in which expression and gesture lend particular expressiveness to their individuality. In this, the charm of the people portrayed is combined with an authentic statement, creating a strong link to the timepieces. This bold imagery emphasises the character of the watches both expressively and emotionally. With the new image concept Junghans shows what the brand with the star stands for: passion, quality and style.

The artist

Uwe Ditz views himself as an "aesthete with the courage to experiment and a penchant for perfectionism". In the past he has shot portraits of numerous international stars, including Clint Eastwood, Cate Blanchett and Javier Bardem. The Stuttgart-based photographer knows how to capture the identity and aura of his subjects, as well as the vitality of the moment. He has also achieved this with the images for Junghans, enabling the German watch to present itself effectively and artfully.

Junghans – the German watch

For more than 150 years, the Junghans brand has stood for quality, reliability and passion. Based in Schramberg, Germany, the long-established, independent company designs and manufactures watches that set new standards and are held in high regard around the world. Having close ties to the company’s location and being committed to the values that Junghans embodies, the owners work hard to maintain traditions and to move purposefully forward to a successful future. Tradition and an unswerving spirit of innovation are also reflected in the design and engineering of the company’s watches. In this regard the spectrum embraces all current watchmaking technologies: from classic mechanical watches and quartz technology all the way to the company’s own radio-controlled and solar technology. With innovative products ‘Made in Germany’ and an international outlook, Junghans will continue in future to further develop the unique success story of the watch with the star.


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