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Glashütte Original Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon

Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon
Ref: 94-01-03-03-03
concave shaped sapphire crystal case back

Wrist watch with Tourbillon limited to 100 pieces

The optimum protection of the movement as well as the unlimited use in the field of sports has been the focus of the construction and development efforts for the Sport Evolution Impact models.
Cushioning elements made of elastomer

Four cushioning elements made of elastomer absorb up to 60% of the impact forces of shocks and other external influences. This way, the shock absorption system assures an optimum reliability and accuracy even under extreme conditions.

The name Evolution that has been added to the sports collection of the Saxon manufactory Glashütte Original lives up to its name. A continuous further development of the sporty timekeepers has resulted not only in design oriented but also functionally useful innovations.

The optimum protection of the movement as well as the unlimited use in the field of sports is at the heart of the construction and development process at Glashütte Original. Extreme conditions as jolts and shocks should not have an impact on the Sport Evolution Impact models.

In co-operation with the Fraunhofer technology development group in Stuttgart, a material has been developed that is ideally suited to form the basis of the cushioning elements. These components, which consist of flexible Elastomer, function as the fixation points of the movement and dial and represent the connection with the case.

The Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon skillfully joins two worlds to become one: thus, the robust timekeeper meets the traditional horological complication, combining modern technical innovation with design.

Inside this watch ticks automatic Caliber 94, impressively embodying the highest demands the art of watch making could place on the Saxon watchmakers’ competence. An exceptionally precise display of time is guaranteed in this movement by the Flying Tourbillon, which sees the balance, pallets, and escape wheel placed in a cantilevered carriage. By revolving 360 degrees once each minute, the carriage compensates for the effects of gravity on the watch’s rate. Glashütte Original’s generously designed panorama date clearly stands out from the black background at 12 o’clock. The course of the individual hours is shown by polished silver hour markers. The markers inlaid with SuperLumiNova, a luminous substance, guarantee improved legibility, and the centrally positioned sweep hands provide information on the hour and minute, the visuals of which are strengthened by luminous substance, while the small second is positioned on the tourbillon cage.


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