New “Caliber I” in Mammoth Ivory from Lang & Heyne

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New “Caliber I” in Mammoth Ivory from Lang & Heyne

Dresden, April 2012

„Caliber I“

When people talk shop about materials in the world of watches today, they usually mean new alloys or even silicon. But not at LANG & HEYNE in Dresden. “There’s no way that I would allow such an unappealing material that is used in the mass production of computer chips to be used for my watches.“ This is what our master watchmaker would say in response to such talk. Quite rightly so, particularly for a top watch brand that feels a close kinship to the classic tradition of making watches by hand.

Thus our new watches have once again been inspired by historic role models. People visiting the Dresden art collection marvel at the precious carvings that even include watches completely made of ivory. What would be happen if we were to combine this elegance with the precision of a LANG & HEYNE watch? Following his idea and together with Alexander Babel, a watch enthusiast with Russian roots, our watchmakers investigated the unique features of the material and have now presented the result: the L&H “Caliber I” featuring ivory plates and bridges.

“Caliber I” in Mammoth Ivory

Of course we mean no harm to any elephants. The tusk for the limited series of 25 watches comes from a mammoth that died more than 10,000 years ago with its tusk surviving in the Russian permafrost soil.

The fine structure and cream-white colour of the ivory match perfectly with the finely manufactured metal work pieces creating a real treat for the eyes of the beholder. This splendid work is encased in the “Friedrich August I” and “Johann von Sachsen” models, depending on the personal preference of the future owner. The price for this precious watch in either pink or yellow gold equals 28.000 EUR, and in white gold 29.300 EUR (Export Europe).