Auctioneer Dr. H. Crott - 83rd Auction

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Auctioneer Dr. H. Crott - 83rd Auction

Night clock the Pope Alexander VII.,
developed and produced by brothers Campani to 1682
Charles Abram Bruguier:
Singing bird box with erotic automaton
Piguet & Meylan:
Gold enamel pocket watch

Mannheim, April 26, 2011

Important wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks

Auctioneer Dr. H. Crott, the internationally renowned auction house for fine watches is proud to present a preview of their May auction in Frankfurt, where the wide palette of selected watches and unique clocks will surely hold the attention of even the most discerning observers and collectors.

Stefan Muser and his team have succeeded in some of the most outstanding pieces for the 83rd To Acquire auction - the signed singing bird box with erotic automation by Bruguier is definitely one of them. As far as we know this is the only existing singing bird box with three extra complications, per se one of the most complicated designs of its kind (est. limit EUR 400,000-700,000).

The event will naturally have many more outstanding items, such as the singular gentleman's pocket watch attributed to Piguet & Meylan: the exquisite enamel painting of a pastoral landscape was created in Jean-Louis Richter's workshop, presumably for the Chinese market (est. limit EUR 120,000-150,000).

An historically important "Three Bridge Tourbillon" is one of only four of its kind; during the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889 Girard Perregaux received the "gold medal of excellence" for it, which was the highest award of its time. This tourbillon is still the smallest ever tourbillon with a pivoted detent escapement (est. limit EUR 150,000-250,000).

The absolute highlight of the auction is a very special and unique work of art, the Night Clock of Pope Alexander VII, developed and produced by the brothers Campani to 1682 - an impressive museum-and historically very interesting work of art, which would be desirable to have in its rightful place in a prestigious museum! (est. limit EUR 350,000-500,000).

The Autumn auction of Auctioneers Dr.H. Crott will take place on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel Frankfurt Airport.


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