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Bonjour, Hello Madame Lombardi

Welcome to Watch-Wiki, you are now able to write artikels, upload pictures, and set up the Watch-Wiki Frame in the French language. Go for that to the top and click on Einstellungen. go then to Sprache der Benutzeroberfläche and set it on fr-Français.

It is als possible to send over messages in Watch-Wiki. If you go to a Benutzerseite/Page utilaseur from a user/utisilateur like me or Torsten you can leave a message on the Diskussion/Discussion page of this person.

Go to Bearbeiten/Modifer or Abschnit hinzufügen/Ajuter un sujet, and leave your message. If you are finished the message you must sign it with the Deine Signatur mit Zeitstempel/Votre signature avec la date. 10e button from the left or 2e button from the right on your worksheet. Than you can send over it by Seite Speichern/Erigistrer.

If there is a messge fou you on Watch-Wiki, you see an orange bar with a text that there is a Message for you, when you opened Watch-Wiki. You can reed it on your own Benutzerseite/Page utisilateur, at the Diskussion/Discussion page. The sign of the sender shows who send the message. If you click on the name or direct or Diskussion of this sign you can respond immediately.

Beware of the fact that all members from Watch-Wiki can reed these posts or messages. So it is only meant for questions and messages within Watch-Wiki.

Best regards from

--Meester Piet 11:05, 28. Nov. 2013 (CET)


You must use the article name or create a forwarding (redirect).

See also: Dumas, Onésime, Onésime Dumas or Onésime Dumas.

Best regards --Torsten Diskussion Beiträge Email 16:31, 28. Nov. 2013 (CET)

Ok thank you much, I will try

--Mariannemarianne (Diskussion) 18:13, 3. Dez. 2013 (CET)