Glashütte Original launches new generation of timepieces

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Calibre 36 combines maximum stability, precision, running time and aesthetics

Calibre 36
Performance of rate and amplitude
Assembly of reduction wheel
Calibre 36 1.jpg
Assembly of balance cock
Calibre 36 2.jpg
Assembly of rotor
Calibre 36 4.jpg
Setting movement into case with bayonet mount
Calibre 36 3.jpg

Glashütte, June 2016

The watchmakers of Glashütte Original strive to achieve nothing less than maximum precision and quality. The manufactory Calibre 36 – the heart of the new Senator Excellence – takes this credo to a new level. With a special engraving on the case back as well as an individual examination certificate for each new watch, Glashütte Original offers customers a promise of quality. This guarantees that every Senator Excellence watch meets the highest standards in terms of stability, precision, a running time of at least 100 hours, and timeless beauty, and also assures that it has been thoroughly tested in a long-term examination lasting 24 days.

Following a successful inaugural presentation at Baselworld 2016, the international launch of three beautifully designed versions of the Senator Excellence has begun. Its automatic Calibre 36 movement is characterised by a perfectly harmonious constellation of four fundamental attributes:

Stability – Reliability without compromise
The maximum stability of its timepieces – in terms of both rate precision and robust construction – is one of the major themes of the Glashütte Original brand. As a result, with the Calibre 36 the designers intentionally reduced the number of parts and eliminated components that were potentially vulnerable to wear and tear, such as the winding system’s detent click, whose role is now performed by the bi-directional wind reduction gear. A more substantial stability is enhanced as well by the bayonet mount used to secure the movement in the case. This renders the construction as a whole extremely shock-resistant and, at the same time, easy to assemble and service.

Precision – Accuracy in all positions
The rate precision of the movement is achieved with the help of, among other things, an innovative silicon balance spring, implemented for the first time by Glashütte Original. The high-tech material renders the ultra-thin spring immune to the influence of magnetic fields and temperature fluctuations, and allows it to oscillate extremely isochronously as well. It complements perfectly the regulator-free regulation system, which allows rate adjustments to be performed directly on the balance rim using weighted screws. The optimised gear train assures exceptional operational stability as well, and the bi-directional automatic winding mechanism provides an optimal, continuous supply of energy when the watch is worn.

Running time: At least 100 hours of autonomy
The new calibre features a power reserve, for the first time in a Glashütte Original watch, of more than 100 hours, at a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 half-oscillations per hour). The exceptionally high degree of autonomy is achieved with the use of only one spring barrel – an authentic rarity. In point of fact, both the exceptional autonomy and the high frequency require maximum levels of energy. This is made possible by the newly designed spring barrel, developed specifically for this purpose: thanks to an increased diameter and a smaller barrel arbour it was possible to extend the length of the spring to 680 mm and to increase sharply the number of winding turns. For this purpose a new material from Nivarox was used, Elinflex, which prevents the spring from breaking, even when it is wound tightly. The performance capacity of the design is further supported by a highly efficient automatic winding mechanism, which achieves at least 100 hours of running time with only 1,900 revolutions thanks to its optimised transmission ratio. When the automatic winding mechanism is running, a special rocker gear disengages the manual winding gears, enabling additional energy savings.

Aesthetics: Decorative finishings à la Glashütte
The new movement is proud to present its inner beauty to the outside world. A glance through the sapphire crystal case back presents typical Glashütte decorations and construction features: the characteristic three-quarter plate and the skeletonised rotor with its oscillating mass in 21 carat gold, the refined stripe finish, perlage, blued screws and finely wrought decorations on the gears and rotor track. An additional, sophisticated highlight can be found in the implementation of the elegant manual winding chain, which is intentionally presented in full view and reveals the fascinating mechanism at work as the watch is wound by hand.

Senator Excellence: Pure elegance
The Calibre 36 celebrates its debut in the equally elegant and sophisticated Senator Excellence, which is presented in three versions: with a dial featuring a light, silver-grained lacquer surface, laser-cut galvanised black indexes and a corresponding railroad minute ring in a 40mm red gold or stainless steel case. The stainless steel model presents finely drawn minute numerals, laser-cut and galvanised in black, while the red gold version offers these numerals printed in a luminous red. Both models are fitted with a black Louisiana alligator leather strap with foldover clasp to match the case.

A third model presents a stainless steel case with black dial and finely curved Arabic numerals. The generous use of Super-LumiNova guarantees optimal legibility even under difficult lighting conditions. A white railroad ring and 5-minute markers generate additional contrasts and are enhanced by a black calfskin bracelet with pin buckle.

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