Junghans: Time flies

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Press release

Schramberg, March 2017

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Junghans Meister Pilot Ref. 027 3795 00
Junghans Meister Pilot Ref. 027 3794 00
Junghans Meister Pilot Family

Time flies

Distinctive, reliable, durable – the new Meister Pilot with DLC coating.

Ready for action at any time

Difficult weather conditions and bumpy runways demand the best from aircraft and pilot. Man and machine need to demonstrate their abilities in these difficult situations, with top performance required in the cockpit even under tricky circumstances. The pilot needs to be able to rely on his plane - and on his watch, every second. Like an aircraft, the Meister Pilot is now also protected against external influences with a special coating. Making it even more resistant and durable in use.

A pilot watch with tradition

Junghans has given the 2016 Meister Pilot an even more robust surface finish, making it more distinctive than ever. The DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating is in a class of its own: the dark anthracite colour lends the watch its unique appearance, with the material itself offering optimal protection against scratches and making the Meister Pilot a dependable copilot. The new timepiece adheres firmly to the tradition of pilot watches at Junghans: the legendary chronograph of 1955 was issued to the then newly-formed Bundeswehr. The instrument-styled dial with its large numerals offers optimal legibility, as is also required for on-board clocks. Matt surfaces and the anti-reflection coated (both sides) sapphire crystal serve to keep light reflection to a minimum, including when flying at night, whilst the intensive white luminous material keeps the time display in focus. The Meister Pilot is powered by a dependable automatic calibre, which grants the timepiece its independence – and the pilot the security that he requires of a co-pilot.

Junghans – The German watch

Junghans was founded in the Black Forest town of Schramberg in 1851. Over 150 years of expertise in precision and design is reflected in memorable milestones: In 1093 Junghans was the largest watch manufacturer in the world, with over 3,000 employees. The development of precision movements made the company the largest German manufacturer of chronometers in 1951 and the third largest worldwide in 1956. In 1972 Junghans was the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games in Munich, setting new standards in timekeeping. After an eventful and turbulent company history, the Schramberg entrepreneurs Dr. Hans-Jochem and Hannes Steim became the new owners of the venerable company in 2009. Each watch is produced in Schramberg with great attention to detail, technological expertise and high standards of design and quality. The collection comprises charismatic timepieces: The Meister watches, which have been produced since the 1930s, reflect the history and present of the company. In 1956 Max Bill designed watches that have become absolute classics. Distinguished by the Bauhaus philosophy, they are still produced today in nearly unchanged form. Junghans set new standards in 1990 with the invention of the radio-controlled wristwatch – a technology that is still used today, in combination with environ-mentally-friendly solar power. A wide variety of technology as unique as the watches bearing the star.


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